Observation & Question:

by lavanya kannathass

Why is it that Scorpios more than any other sign are always so weary and aware of people’s expectations of them and whether they will be able to meet them? Is this the reason why they push themselves so hard? Is this is why it’s always all or nothing for everything for them? Not to say that other signs aren’t like this but it’s most apparent in Scorpios. Then again, it might just because I’m seeing it this way which is why doing a survey might help distance myself and remove any preconceived notions perhaps.

This question has come up today because of a friend’s tweet. She said she wasn’t sure if she could manage to keep up with all that’s expected of her from people around her. I then remembered all the other Scorpios in my life. My aunt who is one said she doesn’t want to take one of my library books to read during her holiday back to Singapore. When I questioned why, I answered together with her actually — she didn’t want to be responsible if anything should go wrong. There’s the ‘nothing’ that speaks especially when it involves someone else.

Hmmm something to look out for when I actually carry out the survey.