by lavanya kannathass

I wrote poetry quite seriously, out of necessity at one point of my life – the words just kept coming. There was a lot of rage within and the need to express was huge after a heartbreak. Lonely nights, teary eyes and lyrical words as comfort. It always stayed within this scene and to my Book Writing & Publishing class then for feedback.

But this year, one of my poems got out of that scene and before people; some of whom I knew and others I didn’t. I have seen many people I know reading at salon events and book launches in Brisbane last year and often wondered if I’ll ever get to do that some day when I get something publish. But looks like it had to be this year with what I started out writing with – poetry.

The theme for The Spoken Word by Writing The City was “Our Lost Poems”. What and when are my words lost in my current situation? Unspoken or unheard? I remembered the nights when I miss you and can’t tell you because you’re away for work or asleep and the missing spirals inwards and takes over. Funnily enough, it was the same case when I wrote wor(l)dlessay for this event – in the middle of the night when I was missing my partner.

worldlessay – worldless + say – when my world isn’t with me, this is what I want to say

wordlessay – wordless + say – and sometimes there’s no word to say(express) what I want to when that happens because missing and yearning is beyond words.

Thank you Valerie for giving me a chance to be myself, give me a platform to express and be a little uncomfortable at. No matter how difficult it is and may seem, growth happens at the edge of my comfort zone. It was also great to have my friend S read her poem as well for the event.

Thank you Sujith and Shak for coming down and Eleanor for trying and being there later nonetheless – this one’s for you.