Zoom zoom zoom!

by lavanya kannathass

Let’s go back shall we?

I began with the now defunct hypnoticecream. That name came from a song that I was really into at one time — it was catchy and shared a letter. It outlined a lot of my previous relationship and life in poly. I eventually closed that to make way for readmysoul where I poured words out to make sense of that broken relationship and my self-growth process after. At the same time, I was creating a home for my poetry and prose work at justlav which still exists but maybe not as updated. After graduating from poly, I produced a play called Sh*t It’s Happening together with friends from poly and used teampeterpan to carry out publicity initiatives.

Soon enough, I left to study in Brisbane and Carrie and I wrote to each other (in a way) through WiredLove. While working on my final year memoir project, I started lavanyakannathass to concurrently mediate on some of the themes, imagery and materials related to memoir writing and writing in general. Eventually, this place became a platform for all sorts of explorations. Even astrology.

I am glad to be still here on the WordPress bandwagon after all these years. Plotting words at each of these WordPresses represent not only the different types of work I have done in the past few years but it serves to remind me why I started writing in the first place.

In a way, this is a memoir in itself.

Thank you, WordPress, for the space.

Thank you, Universe, for everything.

To more.